Thursday, May 30, 2019

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An agency with the goal of protecting the public from preventable deaths and injuries related with products on the market is the Consumer Product guard Commission. Their job is to keep consumers away from products that are hazardous and harmful to them and their children. To do their job they establish safety standards, safety rules, and even ban rules. They also resuscitate and replace or refund a product that is unsafe and can be dangerous. Other things that the CPSC does are regulating toys, cribs, cigarette lighters, and other household items to go through that they are safe to use. An agency similar to the CPSC is the Food and medicine Administration, which first came about in 1906. The difference is that instead of regulating hazardous products, the Food and Drug Administration regulates unsafe feed and drugs. Along with regulating food and drugs they also regulate medical devices and cosmetics. The FDA also makes sure that all products are properly labeled. The FDAs job is investigating and inspecting products to ensure that no unsafe food or drug may surface to consumers. To do their job, each year the FDA visits thousands of facilities that make food and drugs. The FDA inspects these facilities and if they find that the facility is not following their laws they can send the company to court. Another agency that protects consumers is the U.S Department of Agriculture. The USDAs purpose is to improve the turnout of agriculture. The USDA ensures a safe and nutritious food supply to consumers. They also protect agriculture and range land, bring modern sounds and clean drinking piddle to rural communities, provide rural areas land for farming, and work to provide food to needy people all around the world.The Federal Trade Commission was ceremonious in 1915. Its purpose is to keep a free and fair business competition by a number of laws. The Federal Trade Commission prevents absurd advertising of food and drugs, along with cosmetics and other consu mer products. The FTC also investigates business to see if they are running it somewhat. If a corporation is not being run fairly the FTC has permission to send that company to court, where the company must prove that it is or the FTC can get rid of the company and its unjust acts.

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